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Churn Management in E-Commerce

According to Burtch Works, employment in artificial intelligence and data science in 2022 "is solid." A survey by Burtch Works found that AI management specialists' salaries increased from 11% to 13% in the annual period through April 2022. An executive recruiter...

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AI-powered business

Upside, a Washington-based startup, works with gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants to offer consumers personalized discounts. The application displays a map with offers tailored to each user from 30,000 partners, mostly American retail chains. The user pays...

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The Power of AI in Retail

The retail industry is constantly evolving. With the rise of online shopping, traditional brick-and-mortar stores have to adapt in order to stay competitive. Amazon is one of the many examples of how far online shopping and e-commerce have developed. One of the...

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