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What they’re saying

  • Highly recommended! Huge POWER and practical knowledge :)
    Margaret Seroka
    Startup founder
    Arek's energy and global vision set him apart from his peers in the region.
    Cem Sertoglu
    Partner at Early Bird Venture Capital
    Arek brings high potential technology to life. His spirit and dedication thrills!
    Martin Bächle
    CEO at VORSPRUNGatwork
  • First of all Arek is a great marketing person, the best one I have ever seen. I have been working with Arek for more than 5 years now and during all this time we learned a lot from each other. Together with 2 other friends we launched a great, award winning company doing image recognition. 
    Wojciech Radomski
    CEO at StethoMe
    I have to say this. I have never met such an energetic, passionate, creative CEO with such a strong vision. Furthermore, he is really consistent in executing it. Perfect founder and a perfect entrepreneur
    Arek Piechocki
    Managing Partner at SpeedUp Venture Capital Group
    A professional, both when approaching problems and clients, Arek has very extensive knowledge of startups and finding a balance between startups and corporate culture.
    Maciej Młynarski
    Startup Founder

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