I think Artificial Intelligence will eat the world, and those who wait to adopt AI will never catch up

I reduce costs through AI-fueled automation and increase revenue by launching AI-powered products/services fast 

I run this website because I think that companies need to understand the different options on how artificial intelligence transforms business. 

I love to demystify complex information and share it with business managers and founders, so they can make better decisions in shaping AI-driven business transformation.

I discuss examples in my posts and podcasts where I love to bring AI business applications case studies on the table. When something is visible, it is a lot of easier to evaluate it.

All products will eventually become AI-driven, and I think those who wait to absorb AI, will find it hard to catch up. 

By writing and recording content, I help managers, founders, and business professionals understand how to start plotting artificial intelligence into product strategy and conduct business transformation.

If you want to learn more about my professional experience, I encourage you to follow/check my LinkedIn profile. 

Thank you for coming here. I hope you will find this website a resourceful platform.

Kinds regards,
Arek Skuza

Arek helped the selected companies 

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  • Arek is strong in the area of business model innovation can help with the business change around learning & development, communications & rollout, and culture alignment to digital innovations. I would highly recommend to engage him in providing workshop and on-site training
    Loyd Hale
    CEO & Founder, Modoma Health Systems

    Arek is an absolute visionary. He has an incredible ability to understand market tendencies and helps provide a strategic road map to create a win-win proposition. His speeches are fun, engaging and so resourceful!
    Anurag Ranjan
    Business Development Manager at ICONMA
    With Arek, we have discovered innovations that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. The Proof of Concept method is a powerful tool that helped teams in Discovery connect with innovation, something that would have remained untapped.
    Jamie Cooke
    COO, Discovery Networks
  • Highly recommended! Huge POWER and practical knowledge :)
    Margaret Seroka
    Startup founder
    His energy and global vision set him apart from his peers in the region.
    Cem Sertoglu
    Partner at Early Bird Venture Capital
    He brings high potential technology to life. His spirit and dedication thrills!
    Martin Bächle
    CEO at VORSPRUNGatwork
  • I want to endorse Arek and his business. He is so unique, with great understanding of how to innovate.
    Walter Buga
    CEO of Arendai Inc., Board Advisor to Husarion
    He helped us to launch a business services line and grow it from zero to 7 digit revenue business by leveraging business model innovation and fast go to market approach. I would always recommend Arek to any managers in need of market testing and launching services or products to catch new revenue opportunities.
    Luke Lewandowski
    Vice President, K2 Digital Agency
    Arek spoke to the TechFW community of entrepreneurs about the ways to build a business model of startups to pinpoint the pains within a larger corporation, thus increasing the impact of the two by working together. He was well-spoken, energetic, and very knowledgeable. 
    Devan Peplow
    Program Manager for Tech Dallas Fort-Worth
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