I believe Data Monetization is critical to every business and AI can make it happen

My expertise lies in assisting companies to integrate AI capabilities into their products and effectively monetize their data.

Arek Skuza
Open Hands

Data Analytics

Learn how to use data to make informed decisions, deliver data-driven results, and thrive in a data world.


Data Monetization

Learn how to monetize data and turn it into a valuable asset that can generate revenue for your business.


AI & Productivity

Discover the vast realm of artificial intelligence – revolutionize your operations and boost efficiency.

My Projects

Skuza Consulting branding
Volta Venture Innovations provides consultancy and delivers AI models to offer data-driven services for predictive analytics and recommendations. VVI stands out from traditional consultancies by creating project-specific, remote, global teams.
Skuza Consulting branding

US OneStopShop provides go-to-market strategy implementation, lead generation, entity formation and tax strategy to ensure successful expansion for European businesses expanding to the US.

Skuza Consulting branding

Technology consultancy and software delivery partner established in 2000 in Poland. With a team of over 1000 professionals, Future Processing offer comprehensive services globally, specializing in end-to-end solutions for clients.

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Secrets of succesfull product managers ebook cover

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