Learn from home about Artificial Intelligence and AI-driven products

I have prepared a list of resources for product people, who want to learn from home about Artificial Intelligence and AI-driven products. Here, you can find eBooks, podcasts, articles, case studies, and videos.

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I believe that any company looking to boost digital growth needs to launch new products or services. Research has also shown that businesses that focus on creating new products and services while maintaining core competencies across functions grow faster than their competitors.

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in the digital business, product development managers should learn about Artificial Intelligence and Product Management, understand how AI works, how it helps launch smart products and understand the risks.

I believe an understanding of artificial intelligence is a critical part of the product leadership curriculum. I hope you will like this page and it will help you to master your skills.

eBooks and digital readings

Secrets of succesfull product managers ebook cover
Secrets of successful product managers
eBook about Artificial Intelligence strategies inside Amazon, IKEA and Apple
AI strategies inside Apple, IKEA and Amazon
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Product roadmap ebook to study at home
How to build digital products with customers
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top ai startups business models ebook cover
How to build the ultimate go-to-market strategy


How product managers can get Machine Learning skills in the self starter way
How product managers get Machine Learning skills, the self starter way (PDF)

Reports and insights

eBook 20 successful AI business models explained cover
20 successful AI business models demystified
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Video Manuals and Interviews

  • The perfect product launch by AIrBnB video cover

    Perfect product launch by AirBnB (video)

    How did they discover value proposition in 2008?
    AirBnB Perfect Product Launch explained by Arek Skuza in the video

    Perfect product launch by AirBnB - 2 (video)

    How did they step into the right target customers world?
    AirBnB Perfect Product Launch explained by Arek Skuza in the video 3

    Perfect product launch by AirBnB - 3 (video)

    Brian Chesky (founder) explained number right.
  • Brad Hastedt and Arek Skuza conversation cover

    Video Interview with Brad Hastedt (AI consultant)

    How startups and medium-sized companies can use AI
    Anurag Ranjan and Arek Skuza Artificial Intelligence webinar welcome screen

    Video Interview with Anurag Ranjan (ICONMA)

    How will AI change the recruitment business?
    What is the best way to discover B2B startup idea - Arek Skuza webinar welcome screen

    How to develop a great B2B startup idea? (video) 

    Where to look for great ideas? A great guide.
  • Where Artificial Intelligence and ethic meet. Covnersationw with Reid Blackman

    Where AI and ethics meet (EY) - video

    Artificial Intelligence needs to deliver ethical output

    Tools for designing problem statements (video)

    Artificial Intelligence projects need solid problem definition

    Being a Scrum Master in the AI and COVID19 era (video interview)

    Scrum Masters wear different hats and protect backlog
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    Coming soon

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    Coming soon

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