Actionable product strategy explained in ebooks and decks.

I have spent endless hours on AI-powered products and product strategy. Part of my experience comes from business projects, another piece from reading and studying.

One of my customers said this "he is excellent at explaining complex stuff in simple ways so that an audience with varying level of knowledge can benefit from his talk! "

This is what I can promise you! You will not need to spend hours to understand how AI can be plotted into your product strategy. This is my job to explain complicated stuff in a simple way.

I want to inspire you and give you tools so you can come back to the office and start implementing and designing your AI-powered product strategy. 

Join me on the journey! 

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eBooks and digital readings

Secrets of succesfull product managers ebook cover
Secrets of successful product managers (ENG)
How is insurance industry using Artificial Intelligence ebook cover
A new Artificial Intelligence powered model for insurtech (ENG)
Okladka -- eBook -- 10 case studies sztucznej inteligencji
10 case studies dzięki, którym zrozumiesz sztuczną inteligencję (PL)
top ai startups business models ebook cover
How to build the ultimate go-to-market strategy (ENG)
 10 case studies, which help you understand the artificial intelligence  (ENG)
How product managers can get Machine Learning skills in the self starter way
How product managers get Machine Learning skills, the self starter way (PDF)
Piece of software code and glassess
How to decide which Machine Learning model is good or your product  (PDF)
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