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On my YouTube channel I’m on a journey to explain you the intriguing world of Artificial Intelligence, bringing insights and practical tips for applying AI in business, productivity, and everyday life. My videos are designed to shed light on how AI is changing our world and to offer helpful advice for those looking to understand and leverage this technology. Join me as we explore the transformative power of AI together!

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Why Self-Service and Predictive Maintenance Are Must-Haves for Business Success

Ignoring self-service and AI-driven predictive maintenance is no longer an option. Businesses that fail to adopt these innovations are risking their competitive edge and customer satisfaction.

I encourage you to watch my new video to learn why embracing these tools is essential for staying ahead and delivering exceptional service.

Transform Your Customer Service with Amazon Bedrock and Google Vertex AI

What if you could transform those messy handwritten notes and blurry documents into a treasure trove of structured data? Imagine the possibilities…

Let’s discuss how platforms like Amazon’s Bedrock and Google’s Vertex AI can revolutionize your customer service operations, boosting efficiency by up to 35%.

Adopting AI Tools: A Necessity for Modern Business Efficiency

Power of AI in Customer Operations — Weekly Video

Your employees want to use AI tools, and if you don’t give them that chance, you might bring risk to your company!

Defining Success Metrics for AI Projects

On this episode I’m diving into a topic that’s crucial for any AI project: defining success metrics.
I’ll walk you through why it’s so important to set clear, measurable goals from the get-go. We’ll chat about strategies for blending both numbers and insights to track progress effectively.

Panel Discussion – AI in Sales

It was a pleasure hosting our recent panel discussion on AI in sales. Our panelists, Maciej Baginski, Reid Blackman and Nicolas J. Ostrowski shared their insights on AI’s impact in sales.

We explored real-world examples of AI improving sales strategies and ethical considerations. We also discussed funding challenges, personalization, and the future of AI in sales.

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