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On my YouTube channel I’m on a journey to explain you the intriguing world of Artificial Intelligence, bringing insights and practical tips for applying AI in business, productivity, and everyday life. My videos are designed to shed light on how AI is changing our world and to offer helpful advice for those looking to understand and leverage this technology. Join me as we explore the transformative power of AI together!

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Tailoring AI Solutions: A Non-Technical Guide for Teams to Develop Custom AI Strategies

I strongly believe that each company and each team needs to find a strong use case for artificial intelligence. Nobody will find this for them as each process for each team is specific. Sometimes, different prompts work for one team or use the same prompts.
I have already discovered and was sharing this insight here that we should define the challenge first and see how GenAI, ML, or DL can solve this for us. Not the other way.

Data Monetization: Transforming Information into Revenue Streams

In the “Data Monetization: Transforming Information into Revenue Streams” episode of my podcast, I offer a focused and objective look at how businesses can turn data into profit. Drawing on real-life examples and practical use cases, the episode covers key strategies for data monetization, aimed at professionals seeking to understand and implement these methods effectively. This concise discussion provides valuable insights for leveraging data in various business contexts.

Overcoming AI Dependency: Building Your Company’s AI Roadmap with GPT Solutions

Customers often ask, “We’d love to use GPT-like solutions, but then we become dependent on a third party, and we don’t understand how the tool works.”

In this short video, I try to help! I’ll explain three strategies, that any company can utilize or implement to build a relevant AI roadmap.

Learning from the Fallen: 6 AI Implementation Fumbles and How to Recover

“Learning from the Fallen: 6 AI Implementation Fumbles and How to Recover” is an educational podcast where I discuss six common mistakes in AI implementation across various sectors. I delve into the reasons behind these setbacks and offer practical recovery strategies, aiming to equip listeners with insights to avoid and manage similar challenges in AI projects.

Panel Discussion – AI in Sales

It was a pleasure hosting our recent panel discussion on AI in sales. Our panelists, Maciej Baginski, Reid Blackman and Nicolas J. Ostrowski shared their insights on AI’s impact in sales.

We explored real-world examples of AI improving sales strategies and ethical considerations. We also discussed funding challenges, personalization, and the future of AI in sales.

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