In January 2024, I had the privilege to attend the Data Day Texas Conference, commencing on the 27th at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in Austin. This event was a comprehensive showcase of the latest trends and insights in data science, AI, and technology, drawing professionals from various sectors – a testament to its widespread appeal and relevance. The conference offered a rich tapestry of knowledge and networking opportunities, allowing me to engage with remarkable individuals. The encounters here were not just meetings; they were the beginning of impactful partnerships and ideas.

Rewinding to my experience at Data Day Texas 2022, the conference, orchestrated by Lynn Bender, stood out as a pivotal gathering in the realm of Big Data in Austin, further establishing its reputation as a global event. The depth and breadth of sessions made the choice of where to invest my time a delightful challenge. The networking opportunities were particularly engaging, marked by a rare enthusiasm shared among attendees, eager to exchange knowledge and experiences. This atmosphere of passionate sharing and the convergence of minds from around the globe underscored the unique value of Data Day Texas. It wasn’t just about the sessions but the spontaneous interactions that sparked ideas and potential ventures, making it an unforgettable experience that has enriched my perspective.

What is Data Day Texas

Data Day Texas is an annual conference held in Austin, focusing on the latest trends and advancements in data science, AI, and related technologies. It gathers professionals from various sectors, including data analysts, engineers, and business leaders, to share insights, innovations, and experiences in the field. The conference features a range of sessions on topics such as graph data science, large language models, database technologies, and AI applications, facilitated by experts and thought leaders in the industry. Beyond the educational aspect, Data Day Texas offers networking opportunities, fostering connections and collaborations among attendees.

Attendees and Speakers

The event draws a wide-ranging audience, from seasoned experts and industry leaders to emerging talents and academic scholars, representing an impressive array of organizations including global tech behemoths, nimble startups, and esteemed research institutions. The lineup of speakers is particularly noteworthy for including luminaries such as Sol Rashidi, renowned for her transformative leadership in the realm of data and analytics, and Greg Coquillo, who embodies the cutting-edge intersection of product management and artificial intelligence. This rich tapestry of attendees and speakers underscores the conference’s role as a crucible for groundbreaking ideas and collaborations as well as highlights its significance as a beacon for anyone looking to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscapes of technology and data science. Through a program that blends technical depth with strategic insights, Data Day Texas facilitates a unique convergence of minds, aiming to chart the future of data-driven innovation while emphasizing inclusivity and the exchange of diverse perspectives.

Greg Coquillo

Sol Rashidi

Key Themes and Insights

The conference unveiled several key themes central to the contemporary data industry landscape. The sessions underscored the dynamic challenges and opportunities shaping the data job market, highlighting an increasing demand for professionals skilled in navigating the intricacies of data science, AI, and analytics. A significant emphasis was placed on AI as a transformative agent for businesses, stressing the indispensable role of robust data infrastructure and sophisticated analytics in harnessing AI’s full potential. Furthermore, the discussions brought to the forefront the critical importance of data catalogs and effective data governance as foundational elements for AI adoption. These topics illuminated the evolving nature of data work, from technical proficiency to strategic insight, showcasing the conference as a nexus for thought leadership in the data and AI domains.

Networking and Collaborations

Data Day Texas emerged as a vibrant event for networking and collaboration, offering a unique convergence of minds in the tech and data industries. The conference facilitated numerous opportunities for attendees to engage with influential figures and thought leaders, paving the way for meaningful discussions and the exchange of ideas. The potential for establishing partnerships and business connections was a significant highlight, as professionals from various sectors—ranging from tech giants to innovative startups—gathered in a single forum. This environment underscored the conference’s role not just as an educational summit but as a catalyst for business development and collaborative ventures. The focus on the intersection of data and business further enhanced the value of these interactions, making Data Day Texas a critical event for anyone looking to make an impact in the data industry. Through panels, workshops, and casual networking events, attendees were encouraged to explore new partnerships, delve into business opportunities, and lay the groundwork for future collaborations, thereby enriching the community’s growth and innovation potential.


Attending the conference was a strategic decision, driven by the quest to stay abreast of the cutting-edge technologies and methodologies shaping our industry. The insights gleaned from the sessions and the discussions with pioneers and thought leaders have been invaluable, fueling my approach to AI consulting with fresh perspectives and strategies. The opportunity to network and discuss potential collaborations has also opened new avenues for my consulting practice, enriching my toolkit with diverse approaches and viewpoints. Data Day Texas provided not just knowledge and connections, but a renewed inspiration to drive transformation through AI, reinforcing my commitment to bridging the gap between technology and business outcomes.



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