The Monetization of Video Streaming with AI

👤 Julia Konieczka
📖 2022

Reddit acquires natural language processing company MeaningCloud

The MeaningCloud team has joined Reddit and will support machine learning projects across its product, safety and ads teams. Reddit says the company`s technology will strengthen its machine learning proficiencies and understanding of unstructured data to provide relevant information for Reddit users.

“MeaningCloud helps strengthen Reddit`s platform by helping our community get the relevant information they are looking for even faster,” said Jack Hanlon, the vice president of data at Reddit, in a statement. The company says today`s announcement aligns with its recent acquisition of Spell, a platform for running machine learning experiments.

Between that announcement and the company`s recent acquisition of Spell, Reddit seems to be focused on investing in AI.

AI identifies Holocaust victims and survivors and connects them to their descendants.

Daniel Patt, a software engineer working for Google, created From Numbers to Names (N2N), an AI facial recognition platform that identifies unknown Holocaust victims in WWII photos.

N2N is free, you can upload a photo, and the software searches the database matching your photo with the best match, offering you the top ten leads.

The uploaded face is compared to over 170K faces from an up-to-date dataset based on The US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s photo collection. Daniel is working to further expand the database and gain access to 700,000 additional photos from the pre-Holocaust and Holocaust era.

The project is not for profit, but a team of engineers, data scientists and researchers have joined their efforts with the mission of continuously increasing the reach and accuracy of the software as well as the database