As a project leader and consultant,

I specialize in AI and Data Monetization

Who I Am

My mission is to become a global citizen and drive positive change worldwide, focusing on sustainability. I aim to build bridges, foster collaboration, and create opportunities for everyone, regardless of location. I believe in the responsible use of AI and ethical data monetization to shape a better future. With experience in startups and product development, I prioritize customer ownership and utilize data and AI to combat churn and increase adoption. Working internationally has given me cultural knowledge and enhanced my ability to collaborate in diverse teams.

Quick Facts About Me

  • I have worked with global companies, including Shell (oil & energy, global corporation), Bayer (pharmaceuticals, global corporation), Roche (pharmaceuticals, global corporation), and K2 (mid-size, digital agency).
  • I have already delivered more than 60 lectures and workshops in Europe and the USA. I love to share my experience because I believe it can help business owners, executives, and managers to make better product decisions.
  • Throughout the years I assisted companies in transforming business models, implementing data-driven improvements, utilizing AI, creating new products/services, deciding on AI investments, building AI teams, and monetizing data.
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Other Stuff

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My Free Time

  • My passion led me to work with global teams located in the UK, USA, CEE, and CEEME&A and to live in four culturally diverse cities, including London, Warsaw, Edmonton, and Dallas, which influenced my sensitivity, my capacity to form networks, and my ability to recognize and respond quickly to emerging global opportunities.
  • In my personal life, I am a husband and father of Kuba and Alex. I am a dedicated angler, basketball player, and traveler.
  • II have lived and worked as a management consultant and project leader in Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, and presently call Dallas, Texas, home.
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Supercharge Your Business with Data Monetization and AI

I believe in harnessing the power of AI and Data Analytics to unlock untapped potential, foster innovation, and propel businesses toward their ultimate goals. AI is here to increase efficiency, not to replace jobs