As a project leader and consultant,

I specialize in AI and Data Monetization

My “Why”

I envision a future where AI and data monetization are used to benefit humankind and create a more sustainable world. I aspire to be a global citizen and drive positive change by using my skills to help companies leverage AI and data monetization to benefit their customers and society.

AI is here to unlock potential, foster innovation, and boost business without job replacement.

A Glimpse Into My World

My name is Arkadiusz (Arek). I have been helping companies improve their performance and bottom line since 2003. Here are a few highlights of my achievements and experience:

  • I worked in 12+ industries in 20 different countries
  • I specialize in Artificial Intelligence (ML, DL) and Data Monetization as a consultant, project leader, and project pre-sale.
  • I have worked with global companies like Shell, Bayer, IKEA, Allegro, Maspex, and Roche, as well as mid-size companies and B+ round startups.
  • Delivered over 60 lectures and workshops in Europe and the USA, sharing expertise in business model transformation, data-driven improvements, AI utilization, product/service development, AI investment decisions, AI team building, and data monetization.
  • I have saved or generated at least 25% value for my customer, resulting in an improvement in EBITDA from 3x to 10x.
  • I have lived and worked as a management consultant and project leader in Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, and presently call Dallas, Texas, home.

My social and professional presence

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Supercharge Your Business with Data Monetization and AI

I believe in harnessing the power of AI and Data Analytics to unlock untapped potential, foster innovation, and propel businesses toward their ultimate goals. AI is here to increase efficiency, not to replace jobs