GE (large company) + Alaska Airlines (large company) + Kaggle (startup).

Please have a short video explaining GE, Alaska Airlines and Kaggle business case.

A brief summary of what you can find in the video:

  1. A short introduction of Alaska Airlines and Kaggle;
  2. How it works and what Kaggle is.
  3. What challenges have GE and Alaska Airlines set themselves?
  4. How Kaggle helped them.


GE (large company) + Alaska Airlines (large company) + Kaggle (startup). What do these companies have in common and how they approach digital transformation.  All these companies have made a joint effort to improve the airline’s profitability and customer service quality. 

Challenge / problem:

➡️ Increase flight efficiencies in real time;

➡️ Reduce delays and maximise a flight’s profitability;

➡️ Determine the most efficient flight routes, speeds and altitudes at any moment taking into account variables such as weather, wind, and airspace restraints.


➡️ Flight arrival estimates nearly 40 % better than current ones;

➡️ Each minute in reduction per flight could save $1.2 million in annual crew costs and $5 million in annual fuel savings for a midsized airline;

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