Panel Discussion – AI in Sales

Dive into the future of sales at our panel discussion on AI in sales, tailored for professionals in Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Food Processing, and FMCG. Explore how AI is revolutionizing sales strategies and customer relations with insights from industry experts. This is your chance to learn about AI’s real-world applications, challenges, and opportunities in sales. Join us for an engaging, informative session that will elevate your understanding and approach to AI in sales. 

About Panel


The panel will discuss the evolution of sales in the context of technological advancements, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence. Participants will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities that AI presents in sales, including strategies for effective implementation and adaptation.

The segment will feature an engaging presentation on the current role of AI in sales, followed by valuable insights from a guest speaker, an industry expert with practical experience in implementing AI within sales environments. In addition to exploring the practical applications of AI in sales, we will delve into critical topics such as the ethics of AI in sales. This will cover the responsible use of AI, addressing issues of privacy, bias, and transparency in sales strategies. The discussion will also encompass the funding of AI projects in sales. We’ll explore what types of AI initiatives attract investment and the criteria that investors and grant bodies consider when funding these projects. Another key aspect will be how companies can prepare for integrating AI into their sales strategies. This includes understanding the technological, organizational, and cultural shifts required for successful AI adoption.


Guest Speakers

Arek Skuza

Arek, based in Dallas-Fort Worth, is a consultant specializing in AI and data monetization, consulting across various industries, frequently in sales. He serves as a strategic consultant for major corporations like Shell Energy and L’Oreal, guiding them in integrating AI for enhanced efficiency and process improvement. His expertise extends to speaking engagements, where he combines motivational skills with AI knowledge to inspire corporate and startup executives. Arek’s role in AI and technology consulting emphasizes strategies for AI adoption in diverse sectors, including frequent engagements in sales and business operations.

Maciej Baginski

Maciej, with 17 years of experience, specializes in helping Polish entrepreneurs secure investment financing, often focusing on sales-related projects. His expertise in R&D, product innovations, and strategic internationalization, coupled with strong banking and academic connections, accelerates subsidy acquisition, especially EU grants. Leading EUROLIDER, his company is recognized in the sales sector among SMEs and large businesses. As Poland gears up for the new EU budget, Maciej and his team are poised to support various technological projects, enhancing sales and business development.

Reid Blackman

Reid Blackman specializes in implementing AI ethics, a focus that extends to various industries, including sales. His expertise in guiding senior leaders to manage risks and build trust through ethical AI practices is an expertise that is crucial in sales, where consumer trust and ethical standards are increasingly important. Reid’s background in philosophy and ethics, combined with his experience in diverse sectors, positions him well to address ethical challenges in AI across different industries, including the sales sector.

Nicolas J. Ostrowski

Nicolas, a seasoned sales leader, excels in generating revenue and expanding businesses in diverse industries like BFSI, Healthcare, Capital Markets, Telecom, Tech, CPG Retail, and Manufacturing. Known for his strategic acumen, he specializes in building strong relationships, articulating value, and leading complex negotiations. His expertise also extends to launching marketing initiatives for new products and revitalizing vertical markets, showcasing his versatile skill set in the sales domain.