Churn Management: AI and Cloud Computing

👤 Julia Konieczka
📖 2022

Northwestern University’s MacArthur Justice Center has sued the city of Chicago and police over their use of an AI gunfire detection system.

The lawsuit claims the ShotSpotter system has resulted in “grave and systematic” rights violations, including the false arrests of Daniel Ortiz and Michael Williams. However, a prior AP investigation found flaws in the AI gunfire detection system, including its potential to misclassify fireworks and other sounds as gunshots or miss live gunfire altogether.

Williams, for example, was accused of fatally shooting a man in his vehicle based on a ShotSpotter alert. He was jailed for almost a year before a judge dismissed his case for insufficient evidence. The system allegedly generated 40,000+ dead-end police deployments over 21 months in Chicago.

I work everywhere–whenever I want or can.

Most of the time, I only need a smartphone with an internet connection. In fact, I believe that a laptop is an unnecessary luxury. Even though a tablet and cell phone work very well, using them requires learning a different style of work.

I encourage you to change your workplace from time to time. Changing the environment stimulates creativity and makes building a network of contacts easier. Combined with the discipline of delivering what is promised, changing your workplace has a lot to offer in terms of exciting experiences.

Churn Management: AI and Cloud Computing