AI and the Supply Chain: Reducing Churn

👤 Julia Konieczka
📅 12 December 2023
📖 2022

Consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton launched a $100 million venture capital fund to invest in early-stage companies focusing on artificial intelligence, defense, cybersecurity, and high technology.

Booz Allen Ventures will provide capital as well as access to its clients, executive and engineering teams, and potential contracts with its clients.He plans to invest in four to six companies a year (from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars). It can reinvest the funds earned and extend it to more technologies in the future.The fund builds on Booz Allen’s efforts to search for technologies in which it has recently supported other AI companies, including Synthetaic, Latent AI and Reveal Technology.According to Brian MacCarthy of Booz Allen, the defense industry hopes to fund more companies developing new artificial intelligence and other opportunities.He cited the National Security Commission on an AI report from 2021, which calls for an additional large investment in AI research and development of $32 billion annually by 2026.

It’s time to face the truth – Metaverse is happening and it is happening now.

The Orlando Economic Partnership has invested $1M in creating the city’s digital twin. The twin will be located at the Orlando Economic Partnership headquarters and will feature a 180-degree LED wall and a large central hologram.The city’s digital twin will update in real time, allowing users to learn about the weather, traffic, and other conditions.Policymakers, businesses, and utilities can use the data to plan the future, for example: preparing for environmental disasters, planning new transportation routes, and providing insight into the city’s job market.The twin will expand and grow over time to reflect current Orlando conditions. The first phase of the project aims to attract new companies to the site that can come to Orlando to see the twin or remotely explore the project using VR goggles.



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