Work with Arek Skuza on your  business and product development. 

Arek helps companies design and execute powerful business development strategies, and grow business with artificial intelligence.

With Arek, we have discovered innovations that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. The Proof of Concept method is a powerful tool that helped teams in Discovery connect with innovation, something that would have remained untapped.
Jamie Cooke
chief operating officer, Discovery Networks


As a business development manager, Arek will become a major help in launching and scaling your product or service and helping you to grow your company. Because of the proven way, Arek's 4 Waves Framework, he will have the ability to bridge business and technical considerations to bring innovative and effective products to the market. Arek will:

  • Work closely with Engineering to manage the release process and tightly integrate and balance functionality and feasibility, and managed implementation timeline with a keen understanding of the underlying architecture.
  • Discover where Artificial Intelligence can be plotted into your offering. Arek will design the product roadmap, and work with your team on hitting product growth milestones.
  • Be responsible for integrations and integration strategy, roadmap, prioritization, market and competitive intelligence, requirements, sales and pre-sales support, training, and marketing support.
  • Engage globally with enterprise customers, prospects, partners, developers, and industry resources to determine business requirements, conduct experiments, and design product strategy, roadmap as well as vision.
  • Capture and document market needs product requirements and developer experience necessary to succeed in the markets your company serves.
  • Work with the broader product management team across your business to ensure your product meet market demands.
  • Collaborate with the client-facing teams (sales, support, services, training, etc.) to ensure these teams are enabled on new product/feature delivery.
  • IMPORTANT!Check the list of problems Arek will help you to solve.


Arek has exceptional business innovation experience combined with solid business development skills. He helped us to launch a business services line and grow it from zero to 7 digit revenue business by leveraging business model innovation and fast go to market approach. I would always recommend Arek to any managers in need of market testing and launching services or products to catch new revenue opportunities. Another value of Arek’s work is that he is metrics-driven and always keen to verify if the innovation helps customers to solve painful problems
Luke Lewandowski
vice president, K2



Arek offers private, in-house workshops with your teams using your real-world challenges as the context for the work. Often Arek's workshops are combined with remote coaching to guarantee the techniques Arek teaches stay with your teams' daily routines.

Arek's workshops focus on:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications
  • go-to-market strategy design and execution,
  • new product launch process,
  • how to plot artificial intelligence in your product roadmap,
  • product roadmaps,
  • business agility, and product discovery.

Roll up your sleeves and bring your squad to join Arek in these solid, interactive, full of fun workshops.

Arek' will use lecture, discussion, case studies, videos, and hands-on practice to teach your team how to build go-to-market strategies, launch products using a customer-centric, outcome-focused, and co-creation.


Arek is strong in the area of business model innovation can help with the business change around learning & development, communications & rollout, and culture alignment to digital innovations. I would highly recommend to engage him in providing workshop and on-site training 
Loyd Hale
ceo & founder, Modoma Health Systems
Arek is a very tenacious individual with excellent organisational skills and a driven and thorough attitude towards all aspects of his work. Arek helped us in two projects involving the introduction of advanced technology based on AI to the gaming industry. He is also a very intelligent and motivated person who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Greg Kiczko
Managing Director at betfan



Arek works with:

  • senior-level executives,
  • product development teams,
  • product managers,
  • business development managers

 Through management consulting services, he helps implement a human-centric, evidence, and experiments based product strategies.

Arek can work and support your teams through remote consulting. Each engagement starts with the mapped meetings plan, dedicated Trello board, and clear objectives. Arek leveraged his 4 Waves Framework to make sure the process is data-driven and always trackable. 

Price: $ 500 per hour (minimum two hours)


Arek's energy and global vision set him apart from his peers

Cem Sertoglu
partner at Early Bird Venture Capital
Arek crafted for us a strategic partnership strategy and executed it together with us. It worked amazingly well for us. Eventually, we signed the contract, which helped Arcade. co to enter the American automotive market. Arek is a great leader, a very smart and intelligent consultant who knows how to execute beyond PowerPoint slides
David Cherrie
CEO, Arcade Solutions, Inc.




Arek delivered keynotes for Shell, Discovery Networks, Allegro, K2 +90 other companies.

All of them are 5 stars experience for participants. Arek understands the process of building great products, what Artificial Intelligence can and cannot do as well as what it takes to craft and execute compelling go-to-market strategy. 

Keynotes examples which Arek delivers:

  1. Hacking the AI-driven future. What can you do today and what you shouldn't touch.
  2. Innovations conducted by the biggest. What can you steal from Apple, Amazon, Google?
  3. Harness the speed and efficiency of a startup - corporate partnership?
  4. Kill it quickly. Why should you kill most of your innovative projects and how to do it?
  5. Sense & Respond: how experimenting and engaging your customers to bring the best strategy?

Price: $ 2000 / 75 minutes speech

We are always looking for professional speakers to enrich the UT Dallas students' campus experience. I connected with Arek Skuza a few months ago & he readily agreed to come and give a speech on introducing AI into products. He is a passionate speaker & he is great at explaining complex stuff in simple ways so that an audience with varying level of knowledge can benefit from his talk! He is pleasant & sincere to work with - I am confident that he can make your AI projects happen! I recommend him strongly.
Jey Veerasamy
Director for Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas

Arek conducted the keynote speech for our employees in a very engaging and creative way. He was great at adding value by introducing our teams to artificial intelligence and its influence on business performance. What stands out about Arek is that he shares case studies, straightforwardly explains complex issues, and adapts his speech to our group’s and the individuals within the group’s needs.
Luke Wala
Head of Disruption at Maspex

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