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20 top AI startups business models explained (B2B)

Learn how the best AI startups and other companies designed their business models. What is their secret sauce? How do they make money? What are their key distribution components?

The comprehensive report, which will teach you how top AI startups, designed and run business models (B2B market). 

The research companies claim that the Machine Learning technology market will grow or the next 20 years. The revenue level will increase from 9.5 billion US dollars in 2018 to 118.6 billion by 2025.

In 2019 startups that leverage machine learning technologies raised a record of $26.6 billion. Investors want to skyrocket their profits, and these kinds of companies are one of the best horses in the race.

These facts inspired me to screen the best B2B, AI-driven companies, and take their business models apart. I believe everybody responsible for launching AI-driven products needs to understand how the champions designed their business foundations.

Why this report?

Learn how AI-driven, B2B companies design the value proposition 
Understand what are the best companies business models mechanics and how they create growth
Learn what works in AI business, and get inspiration for redesigning your business model
Understand why these companies attract top level investors

Who is this report for?

Business Dev Officers

Business Dev Officers and Heads of Growth will learn how top AI companies build value proposition, how managers design revenue streams, and define growth.


If you are founder, you need to orchestrate thousands of different aspects of your business model. This report will help you to prioritize your actions.

B2B Product Managers

Are you building and updating AI-driven product? Are you wondering what should be your target group? This report will help you to understand how the top companies do it.

What is inside?

20 Business Models

Report contains twenty business models of the top AI startups and medium-sized companies.

20 videos

More than 120 minutes of video recordings with comments and explanations.


List of investors, who are active in the Artificial Intelligence business and who backed screened companies.

Business Model Canvas

Comprehensive insight is mapped into Business Model Canvas templates, which makes the report extremely easy to understand.

Important links

We share all the most important links and articles in the report so that you can reach the source.

LinkedIn profiles

of the companies management are also inside!
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About the author

Arek is Business Management Consultant and Project Leader trusted by enterprises IKEA, P&G, Danone, Shell, and also by medium size companies and startups InfoScan, BuyBox, Zenka, Benefit Systems, Modoma.

Arek has delivered more than 60 lectures and workshops in Europe and the USA
He teaches about business model innovation, product strategy and Artificial Intelligence. 

He is a visitng lecturer at MBA Atlanta at University of Poznan, University of Texas at Dallas. 
I read Arek's eBook. It's very comprehensive for a founders or managers
Matt Kurelto, CEO of Neotretic

Matt, CEO

He has incredible ability to understand the market and provide a strategic roadmap
Anurag Ranjan endorsed Arek for amazing speech. Anurag is a business development manager in ICONMA

Anurag, BDM

He helped us to launch a business line and grow it to 7 digit revenue business
Luke Lewandowski endorsed Arek Skuza

Lukas, VP

Arek is strong in the area of business model innovation 

Picture of Loyd Hale, CEO and Founder of Modoma Health Systems

Loyd, CEO

With Arek, we have discovered innovations that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise
Jamie Cooke's endorsement for Arek Skuza

Jamie, COO

(...) It was a phenomenal presentation and everyone had great takeaways

Devan, PM

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