Product innovations that matter
My approach to innovation as a business consultant

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Innovation and product-market fit
Product innovations that matter
My approach to innovation as a business consultant
Retail innovation by IKEA
Growth depends more on business model than technology
Driving product growth with business model innovation
How to successfully harness the speed and efficiency of a startup - corporate partnership.
Linking customer experience to value. How does co-creation save money and increase ROI?
Nobody owns​ ideas. Execution makes a difference in innovation.
8 Common Corporate Innovations Mistakes & How to Prevent Them
How does Walmart extend open innovation via $225 Million acquistion?
Customer focus​ innovation incubator and how to start one.
Case study [WEBINAR]: How to be 7 more time ​effective at new product innovation and $385.000 leaner.
Don’t die! Make sure those 7 strategic elements are part of your innovation strategy.
Local marketplace make ​more money because partnered with a startup.
The myth of corporate innovation lab - i​t should bring money rig​h​t?
How to engage high level executive into your innovative project - 3 methods that work.
For startups and corporation - how to make a deal faster and trust quicker - Corporate Summit takeaways
Innovative Startup: Agrosmart Lets Farmer Monitor Plant Growth and Perform Farming Automation
What can a city do for corporations <​-> startups collaboration.
Personalize or die? 3 ways large companies can embrace startups way.
Unexpressed needs of your customers are best drivers for digital transformation.
Death by thousand cuts (startups).
Big companies can't be innovative offering only new products.
You need to hug customer first, if you want to reduce costs (change margin).
Killing innovations quicker than you think. Power of validation board in large companies.
CEO check list to quickly determine the degree of digital maturity of the company.
How to make startups and corporates work together
GE (large company) + Alaska Airlines (large company) + Kaggle (startup).
Big pharma needs startups for leveraging pharmacies business - case study.
Will P&G disappear? What will happen to IKEA? Swarm of startups.
Large companies as ecosystems. Where does the core business dissolves?
4 reasons why innovation needs separation from large companies structures.
Startups for increasing the income or cost-effectiveness of a large organization
One single thing if you (large company) want to stay as a champ of the industry.
Large organizations speed dating with startups, design workshops etc... is it worthy to spend time on those activities?
4 reasons what is stopping large companies from acting like startups.
4 ways to build innovations in large companies.
How can large company build culture where people experiment to build game changing innovations?
How to make sure financial part of innovative projects is in the right place?
How to reach the speed of startups in innovation initiatives if you are a large company.
Creating opportunities and seizing the existing ones. Two different things in business.
Fail fast.
A large company, innovative and agile.
Did you find peace in innovation? Means you are not doing your job.
Getting large company to execute innovation effectively. Customers. Speed. Teams.

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