8 obstacles, which I remove

Arek has extensive experience in digital product strategy and product leadership. Below you'll find the set of problems he solves.

Product ownership assistance

Arek can join your product team and help in day-to-day product management tasks

You expect to improve existing product growth

Arek will review your funnel, design or update product roadmap, revise metrics and execute the new plan

You need to design and execute Go-To-Market Strategy

Together with your team, Arek designs GTM incl. budget and critical metrics (USA launch too)

You need to design innovation strategy

Should we acquire companies, build in-house skillset or maybe conduct strategic partnership? With who, how and where?

Your digital business model is in trouble, and your gross margin can tell that

If your business model needs the review, Arek will study your KPIs + P/L, then design recommendations, and prepare the actionable plan

You need to launch a new product or microservice, and you need a roadmap

Together with your team, or as the independent product leader, Arek will design, and execute the data driven NPD roadmap

Your managers need to design Artificial Intelligence strategy

Arek will lead your management team, and help you design your Artificial Intelligence and Data strategy

Your ML / AI tech team can't monetize its accomplishments 

Arek knows how to monetize technologies; he will prepare and implement a monetization plan

You need AI for customer experience improvement

Arek will find defects in your customer journey and recognize touchpoints, which can be improved with Artificial Intelligence

Should we raise and come to the USA?

 Arek will conduct the comprehensive end-to-end process and test your odds to attract American VC capital and build traction in America
It's project based or monthly meetings based
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