Manage risk and enable growth in the age of innovation

What is your challenge?

Your products or services face fierce competition, lack competitive advantage, and your business is getting lost in the crowd. 

Internal inefficiencies negatively impact your business, resulting in slowing down workflows and stalling productivity.

Your business model doesn't drive growth in the era of innovation. Your value proposition doesn't stand out and you can't reduce customer churn.

You can't destroy the pesky silos in your organization which impede your innovation ROI.

I am a successful startup founder who now specializes in bringing innovation to larger companies like yours.

Launching new service, microservice, or digital product is a must nowadays, but it needs to be done in a manner that delivers ROI.

The struggle of innovation at scale is a classic one: how to get teams to try new things and work in new ways to launch successful services and products eventually. How to build and test new services and business models which will drive your growth and change your margin. I've helped companies like Skanska, IKEA, and more do precisely that. When you need to find a way to bring new growth and get ahead of competitors, you need a good innovation who can:

  • discover jobs to be done, pains and gains of your customers and aggregate them to build hypothesis and value proposition - customers' preferences are the only source of market-changing products and services!
  • design a business model for a new service or microservice and test it with the market via various types of experiments (comprehensive tests, interviews, generative sessions, one feature MVP, concierge, wizard of Oz, wireframes) - if you experiment properly, you spend less on innovation because you find market-fit faster
  • build AARRR funnels, implement them, improve them and scale them by leading the customer team of various specialists (marketing, PR, external agency, UX, CTO, technical leads, project leads). Metrics, KPIs tell more than anything else.
  • scout for startups, evaluate them, filter them properly for building a long lasting, strategic partnership - don't reinvent the wheel because it's risky and expensive
  • lead procurement and negotiation processes on behalf of the larger company to shape win-win contract with external innovators - entrepreneurs understand entrepreneurs, faster consensus saves a lot of time
  • build and co-create business models and services with startups - hiring the best startups lets you overcome your internal barriers to growth
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Why me?

I am an innovator

I am a past startup founder, investor, and innovator who has seen both the good and the bad side of startups. I’ve had successful companies and failures, and I know how to help your company build the right kind of innovation.

I am a collaborator

I have scouted more than 500 startups for global companies, run dozens of pilots for clients, and I work well with both the executive suite and with individual contributors.

I am a businessman

I have launched innovative products like a fleet assistance ecosystem for global corporation and a digital service which improves medication adherence. I have led UX teams, developers, engineers, and more. I work directly with my customers’ end users to ensure a product market fit.

I am international

I work for global companies with global teams, and I am headquartered in the US where I can find the best innovators for any field.

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