How I help 
companies bring growth

As a business consultant, I work with up to 1 or 2 customers at the same time. So this way I can offer the maximum quality to all clients. When my schedule is full, I do not accept new assignments, and I only work with exciting, challenging assignments. I can help you bring growth to your company in the following ways:

  • Business Model and Product- develop new or redesign the current business model and your products portfolio to accelerate growth
  • New Revenue and Growth - generate more right-fit leads, acquire more ideal customers, retain and expand your existing customers
  • Performance Improvement - take functions and processes within your company to a new level of automation, unlock the growth by removing internal inefficiencies

Design or redesign your Business Model and Product to unlock growth

Your value proposition (the central point of the Business Model Canvas tool) is the reason why customers turn to your company over another and it influences growth. Value proposition solves your customer's problem or satisfies your customer's need.

To get started with the business model design, I always start with the customer. Of course, you may have many different customer segments that you serve (or want to serve). Our first task is to get out of the building and talk to customers and discover what value proposition they expect. Business model innovation that matters will involve a hard look at what your customer experience is and what it could be. Customers' preferences are the only source of market-changing products and services which drive or stifle growth.

I have a holistic approach to business modeling. Combining target segment & co-creation with users, I carry out comprehensive market & competitor research. I focus on outlining the dominant business models & most important long-held beliefs that can be disrupted. Finally, while trying out different prototypes, I experiment with different business models and test them with your customers to see where rapid growth can be unlocked. What doesn't work, I kill. What works, I launch for you and scale with your teams. I can help you answer difficult questions such as:

  • What are the jobs to be done and pains your customers experience?
  • What are the gains which your new business model will deliver?
  • How do you capture value?
  • How do you deliver value?
  • Why does your current business model fail in delivering growth?
  • How are you competing using your business model with other companies?
  • How do we quantify the markets accurately?
  • What assumptions are already validated by other players?
  • How do we know that this business model is the best fit for you and how the growth can be scaled?
  • What are the implications of choosing this business model?
  • Given this business model, what are the essential things to remember moving forward?
  • How should we experiment with different business models?

Step 1: Build it with customers

The best way to discover what are the customer pain points is to pay attention to situations where customers are struggling to fulfill a job in their lives by cobbling together a workaround or making compensating behaviors. I will carefully look for things that customers want to avoid doing and prepare the list which we will prioritize. These lead to the "organic" business model that drives growth naturally out of the company's experiences and this is the source of the most successful business models.

Step 2: Find dominant business models and industry disruptors

In the first steps of business model design, I will map your industry & most dominant business models which are successful in bringing growth. It will help me identify long-held beliefs that might be ready for disruption. Also, know the numbers behind your industry. You'll understand what you need to know about the market you're going to operate in and what are the market players. You will Understand the numbers, KPIs & benchmarks behind your industry, market & business.

Step 3: Design and choose new business models and metrics

In this step, I will structure your newly ideated business models and uncover underlying assumptions. I will map them using business value canvas, business model canvas, and validation board. I will measure progress using the AARRR framework and identify your most significant challenges under an operating business model that we can start testing immediately. I will estimate the cost of acquisition (COA) and lifetime value (LTV) of your customers to learn how will this impact your business growth. The next step is about understanding your future scaling challenges ahead of time so we can start testing the most critical hypothesis right away and prepare the roadmap as well as go-to-market strategies.

Steo 4: Test. Measure. Kill or Scale

At the center of the business, business model testing should always be a profound recognition of the critical hypotheses underlying how you plan to create value for customers and how you expect to generate growth for your company. I believe in deep insights about people's real needs and expectations — from the source without intermediaries. Too often, firms assume that their new product or service will meet customers' needs, so satisfaction is guaranteed. In this step, I perform many experiments. That might be comprehensive

  • tests,
  • interviews,
  • generative sessions,
  • one feature MVP,
  • concierge,
  • wizard of Oz,
  • wireframes.

I do it because it helps to recognize which features of a product, service, or micro-service provides value and generate ideas for how to fix the ones that are not important for customers or are useless. When you design a business model for a new service or micro-service and test it with the market via various types of experiments, you spend less on innovation because you find market-fit faster.

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New Revenue and Growth

It's tempting to believe that the more leads that you generate, the better. However, in most businesses, you will grow revenue faster by having fewer leads of better quality. I believe in a lead generation approach that:

  • Puts growth strategy before tactics
  • Focuses on the customers' wants & needs (value proposition)
  • Aligns with your Ideal Customer's journey
  • There are startups and small, innovative companies which can be hired to tackle growth for you

Working with me, we'll establish a path to higher profitability by focusing on two foundational pillars of the business growth. Driving home more revenue and increasing your margins. Every business needs to have sufficient deal flow coupled with recurring revenue to perform healthy growth. By working with me, I will help you improve your inbound and outbound channels, to drive more business to your operation, and help turn that business into sustained monthly revenue. I call it new growth and new revenue because I discover unique ways of bringing more business. 

How do I work for you?

The first step is about working with you to understand the current state of lead flow, churn rate, and sales funnel. I also help you in identifying improvement areas and score them according to their potential impact on your growth, and where it is you want to drive the business.

Assessment lays the foundation for growth. Step one is also for defining the gaps in the acquisition, activation, and retention and find and implement new scenarios for generating and increasing the quantity of qualified leads. I will review your sales and marketing processes and suggest improvements which will unlock the growth or remove inefficiencies.

The next step is about evaluating in practice the possibilities of available cutting edge technologies found within the scouting process. I will build an agile team of hand-picked top specialists, with a substantial dedication to the project. I will empower them with a set of latest & best-in-class tools and technologies (research, monitoring, analytics, optimization, automation) During the whole project, I will run exploratory proof of concept and test the assumptions in the following areas:

  • External sourcing of high-quality leads
  • Digital leads nurturing
  • Landing page optimization for optimal growth

I will build an independent Lead Generation environment (with new content as the center), to boost quality growth and let the team use the full power of my expertise and scouted technologies. I will start an iterative process of 2-week sprints to build, optimize, and maintain a new lead generating machine.

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Performance Improvement resulting in smooth workflows and the highest possible productivity

Today's markets are unforgiving. Investors punish even small earnings misses. Competitors undercut your prices. I will help you reinvent your operations to uncover a new competitive edge. We will embrace digital technologies from the board room to the shop floor, by tapping the startups' power and creativity, a unique combination that brings you a genuinely game-changing approach to automation and digitization. By implementing my framework, you can dramatically improve your operational performance. I accomplish performance improvement by conducting the following process:

Wave 1: Assess

  • Reviewing key processes by studying strategies, processes, procedures, workflows, and technologies
  • Interviewing management personnel to gain an understanding of the competency, growth focus, maturity and business acumen of the management team
  • Directly observing key meetings, operations, and work activities
  • I will choose the proper key performance indicators (KPIs) to focus on as the first step towards measurable improvement
  • I am conducting discovery workshops with key personnel of your company

Wave 2: Identify

Based on the results, I will access sources of information on technological developments in the startup ecosystem, Venture Capitals network, industry, and academia. Technologies which may be relevant are outlined in summary consisting of a technical description, research status, and business growth potential and are reported to you.

Wave 3: Select

The selection phase consists of two separate buckets. In the first, the technologies are selected according to their degree of novelty and impact on your operations improvement. A second screen ensures that your company is not yet covering the technology.

Wave 4: Evaluation

In the evaluation phase, the technologies are ranked according to two criteria: "growth impact" and "processes impact." The ranking is done in an intensive workshop with the technology and business team as well as your company leadership team. In this workshop, key personnel is present in the discussions on all the technologies, ensuring that the cross-technological enabling characteristics of the technology are detected. I will help to build a list of technologies and solutions which can potentially improve your operations.

Wave 5: Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept is a lean exercise to test identified technologies and check the influence on your processes performance. I will measure specific KPIs to check how the particular technology can automate and digitize your processes. I will identify potential technical and logistical issues that might interfere with success. The proof-of-concept process will cover:

  • precisely defined measures for success,
  • documentation for how the proof of concept will be conducted,
  • also, a plan for how to move forward after PoC is finished.

Wave 6: Collaboration and Roadmap

Once the PoC is finished, and the results are evaluated, the next move is to select the right technology and start to collaborate with the startup, innovator, or innovation lab. Eventually, it leads to 9 models of partnership between your company and innovators:

  1. Purchase of services
  2. Technology licensing
  3. Joint project
  4. Combining offers (bundles)
  5. White label
  6. Co-branding
  7. Acquisition
  8. Investment
  9. Talent acquisition

I will help you to decide which model is the best option for improving your operations and boost the company growth and I will work with your legal team on preparing the necessary documentation. Working with your internal team, or by building a new one, we work through the process of creating an implementation roadmap. It will be a detailed, sprints based plan which you will execute with your company team.

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