2 marca 2018  4 min read

I am moving to social media with everything.

People running with cameras everywhere. Filming. They look funny as jumping into social media seriously is funny. You see people expressing their ideas, sharing their lunch plate (meaning sharing picture of it, meaning foodporning), Everything because there is world of social media, where people live, talk, exchange ideas and money. And here is the proof:


So yes I am moving to social media in 100%. Producing content will be mine main focus. Content is a discipline which everybody needs to coin. So those who are saying, I am not sharing my plate of food because this is bizarre, are right, as they are not creating interesting content. Who cares what you eat? Who care what you wear? They don't as long as it is not valuable content. Sharing food might be a motivation factor if you share it because you change your diet from junk food to healthy food. If you take picture of your butt, share what kind of training program moves you there. Butt is a butt, everybody has one.

Content. Content. Content. It needs to be valuable.


How you find valuable content?

The beauty is there is no rule. You need to discover it by yourself. You need to start blogging, vlogging, sharing and expressing and those actions will lead you to the point, where you understand why social media needs you. Why other people need you. Don't stop. Move to social media and ignore those that think this is bizarre.


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