14 June 2017  4 min read

Focus. Source of value.

Nowadays we are more exposed to distractions than it used to be when social media and push notifications didn't exist. Our minds are constantly bugged by information  that comes from different sources. Focus, which is a state when we experience, analyse and work on one thing, when we go into deep analyse, when we are open to experience details, is something harder to achieve in the era of smartphones and multi channel information flow. The same time it seems like the need of focus is higher than ever. Those who focus mindfully in times of distraction are happier, more productive and feel complete. Please let me give you few interesting ways of achieving state when your mind experiences focus state so you can be more efficient in business:

  1. Timer it so the mind knows when it needs to be ready. Most of us use watches to control time. Watches help us not to be late to a meeting, to wake up, to run a distance we have planned. Any watch with a timer can be useful tool for configuring our mind. If you give your mind a clear message that now you are going to set up timer for 35 minutes, so you expect full attention, your mind will follow. Mind likes clear messages because they are easy to digest. Clear message can cause miracles. Let's use it to help your mind to focus.
  2. Mind talks a lot and it is good to select what we listen to. Our mind is the battleground of thoughts. This is the place when thousands of thoughts fight for their space and importance. We don't have to listen to all of them. How we can help ourselves to stay focused while the mind is so busy. The answer is focusing on now. If somebody sits on the chair, that chair shapes us. We feel our back which leans on it, we feel our legs relaxing. If we focus on the sensation, we are here, in the present moment. We focus on the now. Our minds can even stop producing thoughts and its attention is here. Focus becomes a natural now. It comes without an effort.
  3. Researches say that 15 minutes of meditation daily, can naturally bring balance to our lives. Meditation mostly is about breath in and breath out. If we think about it a little bit longer, we realise that breathing is a miracle. It is the essence of life. Without this single thing animals and people couldn't exist. We are part of the world when we breathe. Oxygen comes to us from plants and fauna utilises it. Breathing we experience miracle. If somebody sits down for 15 minutes daily and focus on this miracle process, on this movement, it will bring more focus to her / his life. Of course to do so, we need to form a habit. But if we think about profits we get, it is worth to invest a little effort on daily basis.

Focus brings fulfilment, it boosts our productivity. I think it is important to have those moments during the day, when we are 100% focused. We feel we deliver and execute in 100%. We feel we bring real value when we focus on writing, speaking, discussing. If we give our attention to others without any distraction, we feel happier because somebody was in the centre of the moment. The same time we help our mind to rest, be useful and more emphatic.

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