16 June 2017ʉۢ 4 min read

Energy. Moving Forward. Being a leader who controls fear.

Most people think that building companies requires money, luck, rich parents and huge network. If you have all of those you still might fail. If you don't have everything from the list, you still might be a example of successful leader, entrepreneur and businessman.

Energy - Build it. Deliver it. Show it. Have it. Sending energy during a meeting or discussion influence other people. Sleepy guys, wake up. Complaining people stop complaining. Persons who see obstacles everywhere, shut up their mouths. Energy is unbelievable. Leaders that make a difference, have energy. It is inside out. They cultivate in inside to show it outside. Energy makes barriers a joke. People follow energy creators. They love it, although at the beginning they might be scary. Weak leaders have procedures, barriers and limitations in they toolbox. They say "budget is too small", "we don't have enough people". They don't realize energy can change everything. Small drops can make a whole in a stone. It requires persistence and energy. A lot of small actions (quantity) deliver bug result (quality). It requires every day energy.

Pushing things. iMessage. WhatsApp, emails, calls, meetings. Eliminate bullshit, go with the value. You can't stop the communication circle because it is 5 pm and you go home to enjoy your Texas Style Steak and grill, chill time. Forget it if you want to push things forward. 24/7 that's your job. Bringing changes requires constant presence. I am sorry, there is no other way. If you want to have $200 mln innovation budget converted to traction, sales and conversion, you better be available all the time. Team needs it. Customers requires this. Go!

Fear. Do you feel it? I do. We have it inside. All of us. Those who master the art of carrying conversation with fear are best. They don't kill their fears, they try to negotiate with the fear. How? By asking themselves:

  • what worst can happen?
  • what will not happen if I will follow the whisper of my fear?
  • do I need a permission to act?

Weak leaders assume there is a risk, negative consequences and possible failure. So they stop action and send excuses to their people. They fool around. They don't build strengths.

Push forward. Cultivate energy. Talk to your fear if you want to make a change.

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