9 June 2017  4 min read

Be different. Be loud in a gentle way.

Innovations need attention. Attention gives innovation a chance to start a scaling process. If there is a technology or a product which is customer centric, market focused and you are customers obsessed leader, you need world attention. It is a fuel for your early adopters exploration. You need good press to catch eyes of investors and customers. You need to be loud in a gentle way.

Then you need to execute like crazy. Do massive workload of tasks. Deliver a lot of promisses, even those that are not valuable at the end. This is about building authority, it is about coining your brand as the master of execution. Guy that ships stuff. Businessman who listens to customers and delivers afterwards.

You better execute and deliver differently. Doesn't matter if you give a speech or hire people. You need to be different as different is BMW and Ferrari. So you can't copy people, can't copy other leaders, can't make a simple copy and paste. Being different is hard as people try to correct you, give you "proper" directions. Especially if you don't deliver because your venture is young or you going through hell.

Be loud.

Focus on customer and deliver.

Be different.


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