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Podcast #55 - Specific AI techniques for Metaverse use cases

November 12th, 2022
Metaverse is a constantly evolving virtual world that offers endless possibilities for businesses and individuals. In this recording, I explore some of the artificial intelligence techniques available in the metaverse and how they can be used to create immersive experiences for users.
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Podcast #54 - Making profits in Metaverse - 8 areas

November 5th, 2022
Metaverse is a rapidly growing digital asset platform with unlimited potential. In this recording, I explore eight areas where you can expect positive ROI shortly. Whether you're looking to invest in real estate, digital currencies, or gaming tokens, Metaverse has something to offer everyone!
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Podcast #53 -- Digital twins and artificial intelligence

October 31st, 2022
The digital twin is a key concept in the metaverse, and it's something that all businesses should be aware of. In this podcast, we explain what a digital twin is, and how artificial intelligence can help you create one for your business.
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Podcast #52 -- Machine Vision in Metaverse

October 27th, 2022
In the Metaverse, Machine Vision is used to identify and track objects in a virtual space. This technology is used for various purposes, including security, product identification, and marketing.
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Podcast #51 -- Artificial intelligence in Metaverse

October 20th, 2022
As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it is increasingly being used in the metaverse. This has led to a number of changes and improvements in the way that users interact with the metaverse. In this podcast, I discuss some of the ways that AI is changing the metaverse and how it is benefiting users.
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Podcast #50 -- 7 layers of Metaverse

October 16th, 2022
The metaverse is a digital world that exists parallel to our own. It can be used for gaming, social networking, or business purposes. In this video, I explain the seven layers of the metaverse and show how they work together to create a rich digital experience.
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Podcast #49 — The history of Metaverse

October 13rd, 2022
Metaverse is a digital world that exists parallel to our own. It's a place where people can buy and sell property, create businesses, and engage in all sorts of other activities. In this video, we take a look at the history of Metaverse and how it's evolved over time.
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Podcast #48 -- The best artificial intelligence trend in the USA for software development companies

February 17th, 2022
Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest trends in the United States for software development companies. Specifically, AI is leveraged by what is called "micro-experience". In this podcast, I discuss what micro-experience is and how it can be used by businesses.
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Podcast #47 -- Why businesses can't ignore AI - 3 reasons

February 12th, 2022
Every day, businesses are being disrupted by Artificial Intelligence. In this podcast, I'll explain you 3 reasons why AI is the new competitive edge for many industries.
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Podcast #46 -- How to Organize Your Enterprise for a Successful Relationship with AI

January 29th, 2022
Businesses everywhere are recognizing the power of AI to improve processes, meet customer needs, enter new spaces, and, above all, gain a sustainable competitive advantage. With this recognition has come an increased adoption of—and investment in—AI technologies. What are the critical elements that managers need to foresee to build a lively and effective organization which will adopt AI comprehensively?
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Podcast #45 - Which 5 areas Chief Digital Officer must get right to transform business inside out?

January 22nd, 2022
With the ever-changing digital transformation landscape, there are now more responsibilities on a Chief Digital Officer's shoulders than ever before. Gone are the days when they were only responsible for introducing basic capabilities and perhaps piloting handfuls initiatives - today, this person must coordinate changes that address everything from updating how companies work to building out entirely new businesses altogether! This is my new podcast, and it highlights five key areas that Chief Digital Officers should be aware of.
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Podcast #44 - Automation Center of Excellence - why and how to build one?

January 15th, 2022
The foundation of the Center for Excellence is the automation governance model, which provides a framework for decision-making, enables standardization and consistency of approach, and facilitates communication across stakeholders. The COE is in charge of setting the organization's overall strategy and direction for automation. This entails formulating a comprehensive architecture that meets the company's needs while also establishing procedures and standards to ensure that automation is implemented correctly and consistently. The COE also oversees the operations of the automation center, which includes organizing resources (tools, people, processes).
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Podcast #43 - The role of Artificial intelligence in the Metaverse

January 6th, 2022
The metaverse is a collective virtual space that merges the real world with the virtual world. In the past, it was mainly used for gaming and entertainment purposes. However, recent technological advances have made it possible for the metaverse to be used for a variety of other purposes, such as education, business, and socializing.
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Podcast #42. - Artificial intelligence case study - Adobe (how they supported 22 000 employees), Stitch Fix (fashion and ecommerce)

December 25th, 2021
We all know how difficult it is to stay on top of our game at work. But what if you could stop distractions and focus more efficiently with artificial intelligence? In this podcast, we'll look into the case studies of Adobe and Stitch Fix as well as explore ways that AI can improve your company's financials!
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Podcast #41 - Artificial intelligence benefits to society - what does it mean? What still needs to be done?

December 18th, 2021
Artificial intelligence is making waves in the world, and it’s not just for technology. AI has touched every aspect of our lives - from how we communicate to what kind of news stories are being generated by major media outlets. As with most things related to life transitions, there will be positive and negative ways that artificial intelligence benefits society.
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Podcast #40 -- Accelerate application of AI

December 8th, 2021
Gone are the days when organizations could only afford an experimental approach to artificial intelligence and broadly understood analysis. Now it's time to accelerate the application of AI.
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Podcast #39 -- Dimitry Norenko (upSWOT) :: FinTech, Fund Raising, Artificial Intelligence, Product Management

June 28th, 2021
pswot technology serves dozens of financial institutions helping them to build loyalty and grow engagement among their SMB clients. Dimitry shares his journey from Europe to North Carolina, USA and explains why banks needs fintech and artificial intelligence to strive. 
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Podcast #38 -- Piyush Chandra :: Nauto, Artificial Intelligence in heavy trucks business, Product Management of AI-powered products

June 7th, 2021
Save Lives. Save Money. Now. Nauto has the only real-time, AI-enabled fleet and driver safety platform that helps predict, prevent and end distracted driving. Piyush serves as the product director and he has incredibly insight to share.
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Podcast #37 -- Oleksandr Kolyakin :: Shell, Artificial Intelligence, Product Management, Future of Gas Stations (service stations)

May 28th, 2021
How one of the biggest companies in the world is approaching an AI-driven future? What are the challenges? Also, what product managers need to hone to be able to manage digital products effectively.
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Podcast #36 -- Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy examples for inspiration

April 3rd, 2021
Launching a new product or service (or entering a new market with the existing portfolio) isn't obvious. How can you ensure that you'll reach the right KPIs and achieve your business goals?
For that very reason, to improve their odds, businesses leverage a plan known as a GTM strategy (go-to-market strategy).
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Podcast #35 -- Difference between AI, ML and DL

March 22nd, 2021
Although the three terminologies are typically used interchangeably, they no longer pretty refer to similar things. Let's look into the three buckets of computer science and compare artificial intelligence vs. machine learning with a little deep learning grasp.
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#34 - Go To Market Strategy in the COVID era

October 23rd, 2020
Consumer beliefs and behaviors are changing fast. To keep up with—and perhaps even influence—those changes, companies must leverage deep consumer insights. These are internal changes, but they are external ones. COVID19 is one of the most influential forces, which demanded many companies to revisit their go-to-market strategy.
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#33 - Artificial Intelligence for New Product Development

September 27th, 2020
New product development (NPD) is designing and launching products to answer a market opportunity. AI for new product development has applications across various business sectors. How does AI help to bring products faster to the market with more accurate results?
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#32 - ROI of Artificial Intelligence project : challenges, Do's and Don't, what to consider

August 1st, 2020
AI can fail you, and in a big way: by delivering results, which nobody cares about, or providing results only if you invest millions, which might not guarantee final success. Measuring the ROI of the Artificial Intelligence project will put you on the right track.
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#31 Implement AI - What can Product Manager do about AI and where to start implementing

July 26, 2020
The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) has led to lots of jargon making the technology difficult to understand in product development.
I have asked myself?
What are the elements which product development should cover in the process of building great AI-powered products?
I will answer the question by exploring the elements of the AI technology development process.
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#30 - Case study of Lemonade - insurtech startup, bots, AI and automation

July 18, 2020
Lemonade is a next-generation AI company offering home insurance products. It is a pioneer in the InsurTech ocean. Its adoption of machine learning (ML) goes beyond customer experience and driving efficiencies to underwrite risks and manage claims.
Considering Lemonade as a disruptor to the insurance industry, top-notch investors like SoftBank, Google Ventures, and Allianz financed the company with a $480 million funding. The investors' trust was strengthened as the startup managed to attract more than 14,000 subscribers in eight months only. It is is not the end of the fantastic story. Having reached $1m ARR in Q2 2017, Lemonade's ARR reached $10m ten months later and jumped from $1m to $100m in 2.5 years.
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#29 Conversation with Benjamin Okuka: Automotive Market, eCommerce, AI and Product Strategy podcast.

July 12, 2020
Ben leads the B2C Experience Product team at FordDirect to develop and launch digital products during a time when Ford Motor Company is undergoing massive transformational change. Ben is responsible for the product management of Ford Motor Company North America portfolio of B2C digital experiences, including,,,, regional dealer websites, and several other digital properties.
Over the last six years, Ben has led Digital Retail initiatives and has developed deep domain expertise on this subject matter. He is an automotive eCommerce leader driving efforts to simplify the car buying process and experience through digital transformation and delivering stellar digital experiences for Ford Motor Company and it’s dealer body.
In this podcast, we will cover the following topics:
- What are the challenges in integrating advanced digital technologies into the buying process? How Artificial Intelligence influences the process of buying vehicles but also communicating with buyers?
- Personalization - is it still something new, or is it commoditized already? How does CX need to be redesigned considering customers’ expectations?
- What Product Managers can do to stay more competitive and bring even more value to companies like Ford? What do companies expect from Product Managers in the era of digital technologies and direct communication?
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#28 How did Go Pro start to implement Artificial Intelligence - 5 steps and few rules

June 10, 2020
You might think that AI requires a lot of people, funding, and complicated infrastructure.
GoPro examples prove you can start small, with one person, ready to go software, and a lot of experimentation.
In this video, I explain how GoPro began, as I think their approach is very inspirational.
They started small and experimented with solving real customers' pain points.
If you want to learn about Artificial Intelligence from home, please visit my website for more resources:

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#27 What does it mean to be a Scrum Master in global, American enterprise.

May 22, 2020
Have you ever wondered what it takes to deliver robust, digital services in the global, American enterprise world?
- What are the scrum masters dealing with?
- How to deal with teams, stakeholders, pressure, and still deliver a great experience to end-users.
- And AI is coming, will it influence the Scrum Master job?
Let’s get together and discuss these issues with Sirisha Andavolu.
Sirisha serves as the Senior Analyst and Scrum Master. She has an amazing experience with brands like Southwest Airlines, Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan Chase.
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#26 Where Artificial Intelligence and ethics meet.

May 8, 2020
The systems we require for sustaining our lives rely upon algorithms to run. Entertainment, food distribution, healthcare, fuel, global banking, sport and wellness, and much else are becoming highly automated.
AI development needs reliable moral guidance if we are to avoid some of the more catastrophic scenarios envisioned by AI critics.
I am excited to conduct a conversation with Reid Blackman Ph.D., about Artificial Intelligence and ethics.
Reid works with senior leaders to develop and deploy strategies that identify and solve for ethical red flags. He is a Senior Advisor to Ernst & Young and is a Founding Member of EY's AI Advisory Board. After hours, he is a father of two and, when they let him, he enjoys rock climbing..
In this LIVE conversation, we will cover:
- What has been discovered by researching ethics in Artificial Intelligence? Where are we now with this subject?
- What about the machines' responsibility? Will the robot be ever responsible for any damage?
- Chips under the skins, wires in our skulls, cars rushing while the driver is sleeping - any chance to make that ethical?
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#25 What is the future of the recruitment business in the era of Artificial Intelligence?

April 24, 2020
Check the interview with Anurag Ranjan, who is a manager at ICONMA, American recruitment and staffing company.
We live in the same city, Dallas, but due to COVID19, we couldn't meet for this face to face. We decided to get the chance and do it online.
He explained what the future of the recruitment industry in the Artificial Intelligence era is. Anurag also shared his insights and recommended how to look for a position in the age of algorithms.
Here is what you will learn by listening to this episode.
1. What are the benefits of AI for recruiting?
2. How can recruiters use AI? What candidates need to consider?
3. Do you think AI can take over humans in recruitment?

This podcast is based on my LIVE video conversation, which you can watch here:

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#24 Does the product manager personality matter to product management?

April 14, 2020
Product manager personality influences many different aspects, including team motivation, drive in solving vast challenges and communication standards.
Digital product managers of the past focused on the timeline and delivery of the product. Those of today, they glue many functions that touch a product - design, prototyping, customer success, marketing, operations, growth hacking, and more. Certainly, I can call them CEOs.
Listen this podcast to learn:
1. Why does the proactive approach in product management pay off?
2. Extrovert or Introverts - it doesn't matter as long as information circulates.
3. Ball catcher is better than the groin.
4. Two ears and one month - good proportion

This podcast is based on my article, which you can read here:

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#23 How to Become a Product Manager with No Schooling

April 14, 2020
Product management is a dynamic field that requires a lot of tenacity and grit, but not necessarily an advanced degree like an MBA. To succeed as a PM, you’ll need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and a high level of emotional intelligence. The best PMs are confident in their abilities and willing to push the envelope in search of the next big thing. Though the road may be unconventional, the ingredients required for effective product management are the same.
Listen this podcast to learn:
1. What is a product manager?
2. What does a product manager do?
3. How can you become a product manager?
4. What skills do you need to become a product manager?

This podcast is based on my article, which you can read here: link
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#22 Why Artificial General Intelligence is important and when it will be achieved?

April 7, 2020
What is Artificial General Intelligence? Why Elon Musk partnered with Microsoft to keep working on it.
Is your microwave going to be smarter than you?
Also, why is Artificial General Intelligence a different animal than Artificial Intelligence?

Architects of Intelligence book

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#21 From nothing to Slack - the best way to find the best ideas for your new, digital product.

February 18, 2020
Do you see customers' pain-points and don't know how to turn them into a powerful, digital product?
Are you wondering which idea should be turned to the new product?
You can't decide which concept is better for your customers?
Embrace Slack's founder approach, which I call "SideEffect". Listen to this podcast and start leveraging "SideEffect" tomorrow.

Here is the link to slides I mention in the podcast 

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#20 What are the secrets of the best product managers?

February 17, 2020
To succeed, product managers must demonstrate a specific set of core competencies — no matter where they work. But, the role of the product manager is particularly hard to define. They operate with a wide range of responsibilities and huge pressure to deliver results, often without reporting authority.
The future of a product is never predictable. As it meanders — discovering, fine-tuning, and pivoting — product managers shape the way forward, far more so than in a larger organization which have steady-state goals and plenty of minds to guide the way.
With never enough resources and always discovering unclear paths, product managers are flying the plane while building it. This brings out either the best or the worst in a person, but the opportunity to drive impact is tremendous. From strategy and positioning to pricing and customer retention, they are challenged to do more with less.
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#19 Go To Market Strategy framework. Step 1 - capture trends into four puzzles.

December 14, 2019
Trends capture provides a 360 perspective of the external circumstances that affect product launch and go-to market startegy. While defining future objectives for a product or service, trend capture is used as a basis on which future go to market strategy assumptions are designed. Market trend capture involves getting four puzzles together:
Puzzle 1: Understand trends in consumer needs (value propositions shift and expectations)
Puzzle 2: Shifts in Consumer Perception of Value are dynamic, and it necessary to track the real-time
Puzzle 3: Capture the cost drivers which trends are providing
Puzzle 4: Grasp and track change and evolution of the niche
Curious what trends capture presentation/visualization looks like? Please go to my post and study a few examples I have uploaded for you: click this link.
Happy listening!
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#18 Go-to-market strategy and a new product launch framework

December 6, 2019
New products and product innovation are the best ways to promote growth. Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and thousands of small and mid-sized companies' managers understand that the launch of new products is necessary. Customers are impatient, they expect new features, enhancements, and continuously developing a value proposition, and they are ready to pay for it (either with money or data).
At the same time, 95% of products fail because companies are mostly busy with building features, and they don't develop effective Go-To-Market strategies. Figuring out and mastering a go-to-market approach is no trivial task — it separates the organizations that will be prosperous and sustainable from those that won't.
Grab the podcast with the framework, which I think, is useful in building compelling go-to market strategy.
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#17 Retail innovation conducted by Amazon's physical stores.

November 20, 2019
How the retail will never be the same again?
Amazon's retail strategy extends well beyond into brick-and-mortar cashier-less and pop-up stores that purposely disrupt the retail model. What is Amazon doing? What is the company tactic? Should Carrefour, Wal-Mart, IKEA, H-E-B, or Auchan be afraid? Let's see in the podcast what is Jeff Bezos's crazy journey.
I am Arek Skuza, I work with companies on product launch, product market fit, and go to market strategy. Welcome to my podcast. Happy listening.
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#16 Open innovation for product growth acceleration.

November 13, 2019
Open Innovation has been widely embraced in organizations across the world. It has proven its effectiveness in the US and Europe, as well. Many cases of it being used efficiently by businesses like P&G, Lego, Samsung, GE, Tata Group, Marico, Philips, and BlaBlaCar. On the other hand, there are still firms that are yet to embrace Open Innovation or are unable to extract value from it.
The promise of Open Innovation
Time savings: reduction of time-to-market via Open Innovation. Cost savings: reduction of cost-to-market Open Innovation brings more novelty to current or new customer segments than Close Innovation.
Open Innovation is an efficient way to face fierce competition in an environment where new business models and processes are being scaled by fact moving innovators. Its achievement is rooted in organizing multi collaboration between various players and parties to create a sum that is greater than the parts of the partners. When put into practice, this enables organizations to access ideas, skills, technologies, and assets quickly, combine them efficiently and bring product growth quicker and cheaper.
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#15 Linking customer experience to value. How does co-creation save money and increase ROI?

August 28, 2019
Welcome to my next podcast. Listen to this piece to learn:
1. What is co-creation, and how you can quickly embrace it in your business?
2. Why is co-creation the future of any successfully launched and scaled product/service or microservice?
3. How did DHL leveraged co-creation to launch:
- Parcelocopter;
- Smart Glasses;
- Trucks maintenance on the demand
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#14 Nobody owns ideas. Execute or die EUREKing.

August 21, 2019
Nobody owns ideas! Execute on innovation or die EUREKing. Put the podcast on and learn:
Amazon. Nike and Zalando say an open-source mindset fosters collaboration and make it easier for companies to gather resources and tackle subjects like sustainability. Nordstrom an American chain of luxury department stores, a retailer with $15.86 bln revenue in 2019 started the open-source project called Hello, Retail! The scheme aims to simplify and accelerate the process for merchants, which are adding a product to a retailer’s inventory. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation experiments with different options, and technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), highly effective algorithms, machine learning, and software development methods. The digital R&D teams want to figure out how these tools can leverage and accelerate the performance of the petrotech business players and partners.
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#13 The myth of corporate innovation lab it should bring money  right?

May 1, 2019
The biggest and medium companies opened their innovation labs. Many companies will open innovation labs in the nearest future.
Does the corporate innovation lab bring money to the mother company? Can it change the revenue of large and medium-size companies?
Listen to this episode to learn:
1. UPS example of changing its core product with startup partnership and acquisition
2. how can executives of large companies shift the performance of their products
3. a few tips regarding the strategic angle of corporate innovation labs.
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#12 How to quickly scan startups before you start doing business with them.

April 29, 2019
Don't introduce bad startups to your boss. You don't want to sound ridiculous or not prepared. How to quickly scan startups before you start doing business with them. If you want to learn more, subscribe to my weekly letter at
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#11 How to engage high level executive into your innovative project - 3 methods that work.

April 25, 2019
"I don't know how to speak to the CEO and Board of Directors team and convince them to allocate their time into my innovative project."
We had a FB Live and I explained 3 methods which you can use if you struggle with catching the attention of CEOs and Board of Directors team and you find it hard to engage them into your innovation, startups project.
1. Show money and BMC not features.
2. Calculate staff turnover cost.
3. Show CEOs how you will protect the big corporate brand.
Please grab this podcast if you stuck in traffic :):)
I hope I help you a little in your corporate innovation effort. Good luck !!!
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#10 How corporations and startups can make deal faster and build trust quicker. Corporate Summit Dallas takeaways. by Artificial Intelligence and Product Strategy podcast

April 22, 2019
How startups and corporates can build a deal faster and quicker. In this episode you will learn from 7eleven, Fidelity, Wells Fargo and AT&T executives. Some of their tips:
1. Build timeframe expectations.
2. Answer phones and emails.
3. Engage and ask questions (not obvious for corporate guys)
4. Have a clear Value Proposition (startups)
learn more in the episode. Enjoy.
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#7 If You’re Doing Innovation For The First Time, Do Not Make This $10M mistake. And How Smart Incumbents Can Respond To External Disruptive Threat by Artificial Intelligence and Product Strategy podcast

March 1, 2019
Do Not Make These Mistakes When Responding To Startup Threat Speed:
1. Do not try converting your employees into "intrapreneurs" because its oxymoronic and will cost you. Like $10M.
2. Do not wait and see. Be a fast follower instead. Do this on the outside. Build from Lego blocks. AI is one.
3. By all means have a process if you want to work with startups. Especially if you don't acquire them outright and fully. Get startups to build for you. They are better at building new things.
4. Experiment to run fast like entrepreneurs do. Use half-finished prototypes to go to market to get to proof to shut down all politics and executives with years of experience of doing the same thing over and over again.
5. We studied #Fintech sectors at the flapping edge of disruptive Armageddon: shareholders are rewarding companies for experimenting.
6. Small teams are better at disruptive innovation 'cus they have no bills to pay or as, Stanford MBA's among you would say "solve for disruption, not vested interest."
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#6 How entrepreneurs remove problems.

January 14, 2019
Dear CEO, CMO, General Manager or innovation freak,
we have a new episode for you. Jump into this podcast and assimilate:
a) Entrepreneurs have always-on curiosity and fall in love with problems. Their obsession with problems is more than a 9–5 job.
b) Entrepreneurs leverage their ecosystem while companies fixate on internal specialists or buy expensively via consultants. Entrepreneurs crowdsource all the time. Delivers better skills and faster solves because ideas that bubble out of the ecosystem are more disruptive cus they connect the dots across different fields in more unusual ways. Hear about a marine biologist solving a tech company problem in the podcast.
c) More curious? Find out about a start-up that “triangulates” weather off mobile devices, conductivity, plus home based IOT and sells data to … airline and autonomous vehicle companies. Can energy go the way of email (hint: free data-driven model) and about the entrepreneur's version of the gas station of the future.
d) Because you attended a “Disrupt/Transform” conference last week may make you more energised, but this will pass. Companies naturally stifle all good ideals because they have a very good reason to. If you can afford to have your ego deflated work with entrepreneurs side by side as the least knowledgeable guy in the room. You’ll get to know the startup mindset. Contact us for details.
e) Be obsessed on the end-user. Drive solipsistically if/when there’s no end user yet by totally owning the product and problem. Solve for yourself.
f) Idea not working? Change tack quickly. YouTube’s original slogan was “Tune In, Hook Up.” Please don’t shout “pivot” every step of the way because nobody does that.
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Arek & Maciek
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#5 Why speed matters?

December 5, 2018
This episode will pack your head with the following food:
- Nokia did not believe iPhone was the competition, they believed iPhone was threatening the PC.
- Set culture from tight to loose. Experimental approach questions the status quo and must be open to first-hand outside stimuli. Execution requires tight grip. Know when to have which. Reward appropriately for improving # of experiments, not success rate.
- Remember % hits correlates with % misses: the only way to get more hits is by trying more: so increase productivity and reduce batch size. Zara puts out 40,000 SKUs to market/year and ships every 1-2 weeks – faster than startups.
- You will retain best entrepreneurial staff because they will shine in new roles. Change culture from top-down driven to "let the best ideas percolate."
- Slack is one of the biggest unintended consequences in business apps, valued at $7bn.
- It's not the speed that kills, but coming to an abrupt stop. Keep strong momentum and become the experiment factory (Jeff Bezos).
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#4 Why digital ventures are on the rise?

November 17, 2018
This episode is about digital ventures, new ways of building startups for and with large corporations.
Listen to learn about:
- why digital ventures are on the rise?
- How Microsoft, NordStorm, Unilever and few others are leveraging digital venturing and startups approach.
- Can large companies be fast and lean?
- Why shareholders of large companies might actually don't like startups?
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#3 5 reasons large companies can't act like startups and 5 ways you can change it.

November 17, 2018
Please let me introduce you to 5 big reasons why large companies can't bring startup speed into their world.
Those five are:
- lack of board members and senior leadership teams support
- lack of access to customers which enables customer-centric experiments
- Lean Startup tools and how to practice them
- incentive-based actions
- breaking silos in large companies
Listen to this episode to learn how to recognize those obstacles and how to overcome them.
If you listen to it, you will learn how you can quickly:
- engage your employees,
- bring speed of startups into your company,
- motivate employees so they will discover new growth spots.
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#2 How City Halls can foster collaboration between large companies and startups.

October 19, 2018
In this episode, I am explaining why local governments play important role in bringing innovations to local communities. What kind of tools City Halls can use, how they can support large companies as well as startups. I share examples of Boston. Cincinnati and San Francisco to prove it works.
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#1 How Coca Cola, Apple and McCormick works on personalization embracing startups world.

October 19, 2018
In this episode you will learn real examples of large companies entering startups world. Coca Cola, Nestle, Apple want to offer us personalized products and services. Why and how they do it with startups? This is what this episode provides. Enjoy!
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Artificial Intelligence and Product Strategy podcast

October 18, 2018
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