Innovation is life. Innovation brings change. Don't hesitate, innovate! - it's Arek's motto.

I am a result-focused innovative management strategist. My history and passion for implementing innovative business solutions have begun with running my own startups. Raising money from VCs, leading end to end processes, delivering superior business results, but also failing some of my companies, helped me to understand the essence of great startups, which today I scout and evaluate for global companies.

Arek Skuza

As of today, I scouted more than 500 startups, run dozens of pilots, and assessed hundreds of startups and external innovators. Working with executives on different continents helped me to immerse myself in global corporate world, to understand internal dependencies and challenges of big corporations, their legal frameworks, brand risks, and internal and external collaboration challenges.

Throughout the years I helped many of those companies to redesign their products, or come up with new products, to find innovative and technologically advanced solutions to address internal inefficiencies or to design and implement new business models. I also appreciate working with smaller companies, and I am happy to contribute to their fast growth with innovative solutions. Small companies have a phenomenal advantage – their company's leaders are within arm's reach to execute ideas quickly. I find their speed, boldness, and nimbleness, both fascinating and inspiring, and I am proud to be a part of their market successes.

My passion led me to work with global teams located in UK, USA, CEE, and CEEME&A, and to live in four culturally diverse cities - London, Warsaw, Edmonton, and Dallas – which influenced my sensitivity, my capacity to form networks, and my ability to recognize and respond quickly to emerging global opportunities.

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