Why do you want to launch a new product or service? 
What is the challenge you tackle?

After years of experience as projects leader, I can ask, which challenge stifles your growth the most?

Your products or services face fierce competition, lack competitive advantage, and your business is getting lost in the crowd. 

Internal inefficiencies negatively impact business plan, resulting in slowing down workflows and stalling productivity.

Business model doesn't drive growth in the era of innovation. The value proposition doesn't stand out and you can't reduce customer churn.

You can't destroy the pesky silos in your organization which impede your innovation ROI.

Innovation Challenge #1: You lost a competitive advantage

All your significant products/services features are pretty much the same between you and your competitors (your product definition doesn't work); you can't win by offering small value-adds or running a smart marketing campaign. It's impossible. Instead, evaluate the current business model, starting from a value proposition and test it quickly with your customers as a business model canvas. Then, redesign business plan. How can you discover what value proposition matters the most to your customers? Let's have a call.


Growth Challenge #2:  Your value proposition and ROI don't dance together

You see a negative change in customer retention, and it cascades through your products portfolio and stifles your innovation. It influences long-term growth and ROI (traction, visits, logins, MRR, ARR, margin, and your industry KPIs). Then you ask yourself questions:

Should we gamify the business to increase retention? What else, trendy, should we apply to influence our growth?

Should we rebuild the business model canvas or product definition, or both?

Should we partner with somebody to increase traction and bring product growth?

I think you should start executing on new revenue and new growth. Would you like to learn how? Let's talk.


Growth challenge #3: You don't have great leads and new growth, so the business plan stopped working

You are losing customers or can't close enough number of leads. Maybe, you have plenty of business leads, but you feel they are of low quality. Should you hire more salesforce to bring growth? How could you scale? Can innovation help you to scale? It's tempting to believe that the more leads that you generate, the better for the growth. However, in most businesses, you will grow revenue faster by having fewer leads of better quality. Remedy? I think it is well executed (not invented) business plan of content creation and distribution. How, as a management consultant, I delivered a positive ROI to companies like Shell? Let's have a chat.


Innovation Challenge #4: Internal inefficiencies influence your ROI and business performance; You could save money, but how?

52% stated their organization had never or occasionally developed performance measurements to evaluate the success or failure of business processes. Your poorly implemented business processes resulted in a lack of automation and digitization, which influence your return of investments, product growth, and internal performance. Do you think about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Image processing? Do you ask yourself a question of how and where to start? Give me a call. I think startups, innovation labs, corporate ventures, and academia is the answer. Let me explain to you why.


As a business consultant I am trusted by:
ShellIkeaProcter & GambleDiscovery ChannelRocheLagardereNeucaBenefit SystemsPZUPKO Bank PolskiPGNiGBayerDanone

Working with strategy and business development executives to identify organic growth, business model changes, and areas for performance improvement is a collaborative effort.

I am a business model and product innovator

I cut 18 months from product development time, delivering 7X ROI improvement over previous internal innovation effort. I had less internal resource involved: 4 senior managers/directors 1 day a week for 100 days. I delivered £365,000 in savings to R&D budget vs previous efforts, allowing global company to do more for less per £ of R&D.

I am a collaborator and I believe in open innovation

I've scouted more than 500 startups for companies, led 56 of innovation pilots for clients, and I worked collaboratively with startups, innovation labs and academia to develop partnership in the following areas: AI, machine learning, B2B loyalty, drivers health, image and video recognition, route optimization, split and shared payments, AR and predictive maintenance.

I take responsibility in bringing innovation performance

Big, global corporation: I took on the role of venture architect, then marketing and product growth lead. I have developed a 2yr+ B2B Channel Loyalty Strategy for a leading Oil&Energy, global company to design, prototype and launch ecosystem of digital tools, leveraging open innovation and co-creation, and deliver 25%+ efficiency

I am international business consultant

I've led a business case to understand how the business model would scale: the costs, benefits, and the return of investment. My project reduced costs by $120,000 in one product category, yearly, per country, and $1,400,000 across 12 categories per market on average. Cost savings from 12 markets are $11,500,000 per year. My method delivers 8-12x speed.

Let's talk about your innovation performance, and your business challenge. 

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